Saturday, January 27, 2007

bunny vase

This vase is handbuilt with a clay called Grogzilla. How totally cool is that? It has these pieces of feldspar that when fired to cone ten just jump out of the surface of the clay body. I used some locally made underglazes for the bunny, which to my surprise came out quite bright even in a very heavy reduction firing. The greenish glaze is called green shell which was applied and then wiped off. I just entered this into a juried show called feats of clay. It's being juried by the editor of Ceramics Monthly. It's a long shot that I'll make it into the show. I also entered three of the 10 perfume bottles "scents of the sea".

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Anonymous said...

This vase is gorgious! I was very much into raku (about 20 years ago) hahhaaaaaa.