Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years Day Hike

My girlfriend Teresa and I went for an amazing hike just down the road from her house on New Years Day. The air was moist and crisp.

Just a slight breeze, the trees are waving their colored prayer flags.

I won't say where this place is, not that it is a secret, but there are a lot of hateful fundamentalist rednecks around here and I wouldn't want to put the retreat's peacefullness in danger.

This is Buddha Padmasambhava, he was recognized as the second incarnation of Buddha and was responsible for founding the Tibetan school of Buddhism. Lama's from Tibet came to the retreat several years ago to erect this concrete Buddha. Looking at the picture to the left of the Buddha housed is a large prayer wheel that spins continuously.

New Project- Delft

This is Delft. That was the cow's name. I am painting her in a delftware pattern taken from Ted's Grandparent's wedding vase.