Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fantasy Show

I am taking a Gallery Management and Technique class and one of our projects is to design/curate a fantasy exhibit using existing artists. I chose to show the work of Beth Cavener Stichter and Milo Winter. I admire both of these artist, Beth Cavener Stichter is contemporary and her work is absolutely amazing, please click the link above and see her work! Milo Winter is an illustrator from the early 20th century. They work so well together because they both portray animals with human emotions. This is the model of the school gallery that I made using Cavener and Winter's work. I scaled it 12 inches equals 1 inch.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Bunny!

Ted built me my very own SnowBunny!
(He looks a little evil.... hmmm)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So yeah, it hardly snows in Southern Oregon.

Donkey (Ceramic Pinata) is not pleased.

Not too much composting goin' on in that bin.

Sure does look pretty.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Moon Bunnies in Order

Hi Mom! Here are all of the paintings in order.

Starts with a regular bunny reading the "Moon Bunny" Book on a windy day.

Then each page will have the story in the moon like below.

First the Moon Bunnies are waking up from their long nap, approx. 28 days.

Of course just like you and me they are hungry when they wake, here they are eating their favorite foods; Thistle, Fennel and Basil flowers.

Eating gives them lots of energy so flying is their first order of business. They also like to glide and soar.

Here they are swinging another favorite thing that Moon Bunnies like to do.

Usually vigorous swinging will lead to joyful dancing, Moon Bunnies are know for their spirit and grace while dancing.

There is always time for the Moon Bunny song to be sung. Here they are singing with great zeal even though they are mostly off key.

ecause they sing so hard and loud, they end up with sore throats, drinking buttercup juice will normally help sooth their voices.

Sometimes they get them selves in precarious situations, like the time they decided go tip-toeing across the pond and the rocks turned out to be turtles.

Leaping for joy is another favorite activity of Moon Bunnies.

They barely notice when the day starts to break, except they start yawning.

Just in time they reach the ground, here they are sleeping sound until the next full moon.

So, there we are. I have some work to do on the story, but it sure was fun to paint these.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Felt Kids

This was the first, but he needed a friend...

This is the bear's friend... Donkey Ant

Then came the Monkey-Mermaid (Sea Monkey) and his pal Brine Shrimp.

Introducing "John Deer"
Made for my Sister-in-Law Rita's Bday.