Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hmmm, Humanity. An Installation.

Hmmm, Humanity. An Installation. By Kim de Young

Waking before daybreak, Dashing out the door to establish my place in the pecking order of the crowded freeways, Watching the sunrise over the asphalt, Spending the sunlit hours under the hum of the fluorescent lights, Prioritizing my day between demanding emails, boredom, and the sound of the urgency in a colleagues voice before their eminent breakdown into frustration, Walking the halls of framed buzzword-morality-posters perfumed with recently burnt microwave popcorn, Rushing into the night air for my place in the pecking order of the crowded freeways, towards home.

Plainly the reality of my life for twelve years working in the semi-conductor industry was on the verge of soul sucking. Evenings and weekends were cherished times of re-energizing and creativity, until eventually not even two days off, a week off, two-weeks off was enough to balance the demoralization of my vitality. This project is a way to forever cast off the binds of that old mindset and move forward towards a new self culture and embrace my potential instead of squandering it.