Monday, September 22, 2008

Art Studio Progress and Completion

Here is Ted. Ted is the best. Ted spent his entire summer building us an art studio. This is a picture of Ted before he knew what he was getting into.

This hole is where an old tree stump was that we had to remove and fill in with rock.

Step 1: Foundation

Completed insulated foundation.

Raising of the first wall.


three walls

Ok, we'll just skip to 4 walls, some windows, Tyvek and partial siding.

After building the trusses we put them up.

half the trusses and some plywood for the roofing.
Whew! Finally all of the trusses are up.
Primer paint.

We painted the studio Enchanted Forest, Pacific Pine and the trim is Corn Husk.

Come on in, it is time to play.

Going back in time for a second... dry wall....ugh!

Hi Ted!

Floor Prep.

Flooring, check. Window trim, check. Base boards, check.
Ok... time to move in!

Kimmy's first project. I am making a squirrel gargoyle.....he he he.

Clay studio side, complete with throwing wheel (not shown) table, drying rack and slab roller.


Painting side.
Painting and drawing side and front door.
Front Door.

The view into the garden from the painting side. (Also my new series of paintings, dancing chickens, becawk!)
The building took Ted all summer to build, he insulated the "beejebers" out of it with plenty of ventalation. His attention to detail was phenominal and the work space is totally functional. Good Job Ted!!!
and Thanks


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

studio lolo said...

OMG I'm freakin' impressed!! Do you guys own your home? I thought for some reason you were renting, but why would you build this beautiful studio on rental property? rock!! I'm really, really impressed and very happy for the both of you :)

Hugs and purrs!

soulbrush said...

this is fantastic, like a doll's house...the colours are perfect. and i know you are going to make great things in happy for you.

PotatoMamma said...

woohoo - how cool is that! i'm a tiny bit jealous, having my own studio like that is one of my dreams. one day.... happy for you though!

thanks for stopping by at my blog!