Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bottle Project

Inspired by life in the sea. This is my experimenting with handbuilding and discovering different ways to create organic forms by using simple techniques/forms (and lots and lots of them) After completion of each bottle I put them in my kiln to dry before the bisque stage. I am very good at creating complex forms and then bumping or breaking them when they are bone dry. Very frustrating. So, I had the bright idea of storing them in the kiln while they dry. I had to make them in series by size that way I wouldn't have to fuss so much with the furniture and shelves. I did manage to snap off a piece of the coral on the clam bottle while putting in the furniture. damn. I am going to bisque fire the stoppers in the bottles, but am working on a plan for a chuck with high fire kiln wire so I can glaze them entirely with minimal damage. I will end up firing these in a reduction environment using oxides and celedon and rutile glazes.

The tips are getting crispy here. Each tenticle is approx 2" long.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006